Branch Scheduling

Advanced employee scheduling trusted by banks and credit unions across the country to schedule tellers, customer or member service representatives, branch specialists, and more.

All StaffPro Modules to improve branch operations, including Acquisition Support, are standard with Branch Scheduling at no additional cost.

Daily Feedback

Unlike other branch scheduling applications, StaffPro lets banks and credit unions quickly implement, measure, and adjust scheduling tactics by shortening the feedback loop. By importing data daily users can relate the forecast and schedule to what happened yesterday, not 30 days ago, especially in busy branches or call centers where immediate awareness is key. This means branch managers and executive leadership gain an advantage by seeing what's working and what isn't in shorter time than other institutions who use scheduling software that is updated monthly.

Managing PTO & Time Off can be hard. StaffPro makes it easier. The PTO & Time Off feature can be accessed either directly from the Schedule page, or by using the dedicated administrative Time Exceptions page. Approved PTO can be imported into StaffPro from an HR or Payroll system, or PTO granted in StaffPro exported out. StaffPro even integrates this feature with Float / Flex Scheduling, allowing managers to simply click a check box to request float coverage when granting time off. This eliminates the need for branch staff to communicate separately with float management to request coverage.

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StaffPro automates the difficult, and thankless, task of scheduling float staff. With eight configurable scoring criteria, StaffPro evaluates and matches the best fit employee(s) to fulfill each request. A dedicated page for float managers lets them quickly see overall pool schedules, reassign staff and manage request details.

One recent innovation to improve branch profitability is to share expensive specialists such as Managers, Financial Advisors, Commercial or Mortgage loan officers, Small Business Advisors, Trust, etc.; across groups of branches. StaffPro's float feature can be configured to help schedule, coordinate, manage and see shared resources across branch clusters and the Enterprise.

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Forecasting & Trend Analysis

Forecasting & Trend Analysis form the foundation that allows StaffPro to generate a "right-sized" schedule for your branch network. As StaffPro imports transaction data, it applies weights by type of transaction to create a weighted transaction count. The weighted mix, along with other information such as the volume of cash handled, is used by the forecasting formulas to create an accurate picture of staff requirements for each branch. Rolling short term (3 month) trend analysis works to smooth the forecast, while a rolling long term (12 month) analysis finds recurring peak days, trends, and seasonalities.

In addition, StaffPro lets you define multiple formulas to handle operational differences or markets that are so different they cannot be fairly compared together. For example, some branches may have teller cash automation devices while others are manual. Customers in large urban centers have different service expectations than customers in rural areas, so different formulas mean StaffPro can forecast to the service level needed for each environment.

StaffPro's customizable charts, graphs, and tables allow managers to see key performance indicators (KPI) at all levels of the organization. Dashboards dynamically adapt what information is shown based on what organization level is selected, giving managers the key metrics that make the most sense at that particular level. From a birds-eye-view of the entire institution, to regions or areas, and even down to individual employees, make sure your managers and operations team has the best data when they need it.

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With over 40 standard reports relating to branch staff and operations, StaffPro gives banks and credit unions the solid informational foundation they need to best manage their branches, departments, and employees.

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