StaffPro Modules

Powerful sets of features your financial institution can really benefit from.

Don't need the full version of StaffPro? Modules can be subscribed to individually, to size the solution to your specific needs. Dashboard Analytics and Reporting features are included with all modules.

Reduce branch cash levels, optimize cash order frequency, and minimize branch overhead by using StaffPro's Cash Management & Ordering module. By analyzing end-of-day cash levels for each denomination and each cash drawer or vault, StaffPro is able to track, forecast, and recommend cash orders by denomination for each branch. StaffPro then prints a cash order report and can even be interfaced to armored car services to electronically place the order.

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An often overlooked way to improve branch productivity is to improve the quality of branch staff. It is very well documented that high performing employees really do perform more work, with fewer errors, while delivering better customer service. StaffPro’s Tiered Performance Measurement (TPM) indicates when employees need training or mentoring, but more importantly finds and incents high performing employees. If, over time, you can train low performers and increase the percentage of employees who are high performing, then branch productivity and customer service also improve.

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StaffPro's Process Automation module gives you the ability to automate both small and large tasks cost effectively. Rapid interface development for import and export of data, combined with StaffPro's flexible forms and management, means minimal impact on I.T. Once users are familiar with StaffPro, new tasks can be automated and rolled out with minimal end user training. Just as Excel is a significant step up from manual processes for individuals and branches, StaffPro takes it to the next step up to Enterprise automation and integration.

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