With StaffPro it's easy to forecast and schedule tellers, customer service representatives or all branch staff

Intelligent employee scheduling tailored to banks and credit unions

Your Branch Staff Will Thank You

By efficiently scheduling tellers, service representatives, other branch employees and even shared resources; StaffPro allows branch staff to focus on activities that improve service levels for your customers and generate revenue for your institution.


Branch Scheduling

Using data driven forecasts plus flexible rules to exactly define each branch's environment, StaffPro's schedule generator creates weekly schedules optimized for each branch, employee and work assignment in advance.

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Float / Flex Staff

Fully automated float employee management using StaffPro's best-fit algorithm equates to less time manually assigning staff and managing float pools.

Forecasted float can automatically assign float staff to branches with the most need following automated schedule generation.

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PTO & Time Off

PTO & Time Off functionality is fully integrated with branch scheduling and float modules, as well as a standalone page for more advanced management.

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Continuous Improvement

For many banks and credit unions looking for employee scheduling software, simplicity is key. Banks and credit unions can start by using Branch Scheduling and gradually implement additional modules as they grow more comfortable with the system. Everything is included standard.

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Lightning Fast Turnaround From Installation To Roll-Out

Not only is StaffPro a complete turnkey solution, but because of it's intuitive user-interface, minimal training is required. These two advantages mean that your financial institution can quickly go from installation to roll-out.

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Don't Just Optimize Your Workforce, Optimize The Work.

StaffPro makes it incredibly easy to gather and analyze branch data, view key reports and performance indicators, and use that knowledge to constantly improve your financial institutions' entire branch operations.

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Acquisition Support

Acquisition integrations can be difficult, but StaffPro can make the process easier and more efficient. StaffPro allows banks and credit unions to evaluate the performance of new branches and employees, speed up operations integration, and give more visibility into the branch network - both pre and post-acquisition.

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