A Turnkey Scheduling Solution

StaffPro's Branch Scheduling is engineered to start processing data and generating forecasts starting on day one. That means as soon as teller and platform transaction data is loaded and processed, your scheduling professionals can start utilizing StaffPro almost immediately. StaffPro is extremely quick to install, with typical implementation times of one to two months, with the pace dictated by the client. StaffPro has been implemented in as little as 2 weeks. Over the years, the StaffPro team has learned the key variable in implementation time is whether I.T. can identify and provide access to the data sources.

Minimal Training Required

StaffPro's easy-to-use browser based user interface is intuitive for users, just point and click. Although additional training is available, users typically get comfortable with the system and concepts after 2 or 3 web-based training sessions. This means your bank or credit union can go from installation to roll-out extremely quickly.

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