Optimize The Work

Beyond Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Optimizing staff levels and schedules is critical to improving branch profitability while maintaining customer service levels. Once staff scheduling is optimized how can you keep improving? The answer is to optimize the quality of staff and make the work they have to do more efficient. StaffPro addresses both of these needs in addition to offering everything you expect from a full-featured WFO solution.

StaffPro provides a unified cost-effective way to automate small and large tasks, improve awareness through reports and dashboard metrics, order branch cash, and improve productivity through the operation.

Higher Performing Staff

It is well documented that higher performers really do perform more work with fewer errors, while providing better customer service. StaffPro's Tiered Performance Measurement is designed to identify and increase the percentage of employees who are high performing. Over time this translates to more time devoted to customer service and sales, lower total overhead, and in some cases eventually lower staff levels.


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