Float / Flex Staff

Improving A Growing Trend

Float staff, also known as flex staff, are increasingly being used by banks and credit unions to manage branch employees more efficiently. While the use of floating employees (employees that "float" between multiple branches and locations) has traditionally been used to cover employee absences, its role has expanded to be a core part of branch scheduling and to share specialized or expensive employees across multiple branches. Float employees can also be used to maintain service levels during peak hours or days. Many banks and credit unions organize floating tellers into pools that support groups of branches, and that is exactly how StaffPro works. StaffPro improves the concept by allowing a branch to automatically schedule floaters from a primary, secondary or even tertiary pool of float employees.

Layered Approach

StaffPro uses a layered approach to managing float so that each organization can meet its objectives.

  • Automatic assignment to branch requests (see below).
  • Consolidate requests with a one-stop page for float managers to see and assign float staff.
  • Forecasted float to automatically assign float staff when auto-scheduling indicates a branch is too far below the forecast.
  • Schedule Any Employee is a feature with its own security access control, that lets designated users schedule any employee anywhere.

Fully Automated Float Schedules

StaffPro gives scheduling managers the ability to request float staff directly from the Scheduling page. Using multiple tunable criteria, StaffPro scores all possible float staff and assigns the best-fit employee to fulfill all or as much of a request as possible. When necessary, StaffPro may assign multiple float employees to fill a long request, but it minimizes this as much as possible. Banks and credit unions can choose to let StaffPro make float assignments directly, or require approval by a float manager or supervisor. Either way, institutions have complete control over an efficient and highly automated float scheduling solution.

Forecasted Float

StaffPro brings a new dimension to automated float management with optional Forecasted Float. Forecasted float works in conjunction with scheduling, running immediately after auto-scheduling finishes. It ranks all branches according to the total amount understaffed by service relative to the forecast. Smaller branches are adjusted higher as the impact of being down one staff member when there are 4 total, is much greater than if there are 10. Forecasted Float evaluates the negative impact to a branch schedule a float employee may be pulled from, so it is the net benefit to the organization that controls assignments.

Everything In One Place

Float pool managers no longer need to consult multiple spreadsheets, call other managers, or check float pool rosters to manage float staff. Everything they need is on a single, powerful float employee management page. Using it, float pool managers and supervisors can select a float pool and see a movable two week window showing the current and next week. All branches served by the float pool are shown with all approved float assignments, unfilled requests and requests pending approval. At the bottom are all the employees in the float pool with all their assignments. The Edit Request tool button gives complete control over float requests and assignments.

Simple Setup, Powerful Results

StaffPro has a simple and intuitive setup for floating tellers that matches how many banks and credit unions are organized. Set up any number of float pools representing markets, clusters of branches or overlapping coverage areas. Each branch can pull from none up to three float pools (primary, secondary, tertiary). Employees may be assigned to any one pool, or no pool. StaffPro scores all available floating employees to find the best-fit assignment, with 8 configurable options to tune the scoring.

Branch Specialist Scheduling

Provide customers with the appropriate staff professionals scheduled into your branch as needed. Branch specialists such as Managers, Financial Advisors, Commercial or Mortgage Loans Officers, Small Business Advisors, Trust Officers, and other location-flexible specialists can be managed or floated throughout the area and included in your branch's schedule. Optimize the mix of branch staff so you can be confident the right people are available at the right place and time.

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