Acquisition Support

Evaluate New Branch and Employee Performance

Since StaffPro is designed to be multi-organization and unlimited data interfaces are included, it provides a unique opportunity to facilitate operations integration during an acquisition. Without additional cost StaffPro can be interfaced to the new institution's existing data and the acquisition be added as a new "organization" within StaffPro. This provides staff forecasts, comparisons with your operation, employee performance, and other details simply not available with normal due diligence.

Once the acquisition is complete, the data can be merged into the main instance of StaffPro immediately making the new branches part of your existing operation.

Faster Integration

Automating tasks and forms in StaffPro means that work is simplified and structured in the operation, and there are fewer different systems for employees to learn. Post-acquisition the benefits of structured and validated processes are even more critical.

Branch Trends

Importing data into StaffPro during acquisition implementation means Dashboard metrics, Reports and Performance Scorecards can show trends for the new branches both pre and post-acquisition.


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