Cash Ordering

Optimize Branch Cash Levels

StaffPro's Cash Ordering module is designed for banks and credit unions to optimize the level of cash maintained in each branch, while reducing the effort branch personnel spend to manage and order cash. The feature calculates an overall target for branch cash and forecasts requirements for each currency denomination. There are charts to help managers understand historical usage by denomination and other charts for the history of the cash drawers.

Scheduled Cash Orders

Each branch can define a schedule for one or more recurring cash orders by week, day or month. In addition, special cash orders can be defined for specific dates in the future, such as for a festival or sporting event. Branch users can select from a list of pending cash orders, which then displays a recommended cash order. The recommended order is based on trend analysis of the branch's usage by denomination, and may recommend selling denominations that are over stocked. When an order is accepted StaffPro locks it, prints an order report, makes it available under Recent Orders, and has the capability to electronically send the order to an armored car service.

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