PTO & Time Off

Scheduling PTO Made Easy

StaffPro lets those managing branch schedules assign and track PTO & Time Off right from the Scheduling page. By tracking PTO and other time off such as meetings or training, StaffPro can better forecast schedules, provide reporting and manage float coverage.

Integrates With HR Systems

StaffPro has interfaced with various HR systems including ADP, UltiPro, and Workforce. Data interfaces allow StaffPro to load and show all time off already approved in the HR system. When possible, StaffPro can also be used to grant PTO and interface to update the HR system. As with all interfaces in StaffPro, development of an interface from or to an HR system is included at no additional charge. That means if StaffPro doesn't already have an interface to your HR system, we will build it at no additional cost.

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