PTO & Time Off

Scheduling PTO Made Easy

StaffPro lets those managing branch schedules assign and track PTO & Time Off right from the Branch Schedule page, or from the dedicated PTO & Time Off management page. By tracking PTO and other time off such as meetings or training, StaffPro can better forecast schedules, provide reporting and manage float coverage. All of an employee’s approved time off for the next 12 months is shown to help make better decisions before granting additional time off. The PTO & Time Off feature provides scheduling managers a single place to view the information they need when scheduling time off.

Integrates With HR Systems

StaffPro has, or will develop, interfaces to various HR systems. Data interfaces allow StaffPro to load and show all time off already approved in the HR system. When possible, StaffPro can also be used to grant PTO and interface to update the HR system. As with all interfaces in StaffPro, development of an interface from or to an HR system is included at no additional charge.

Eliminate Coverage Gaps

For banks and credit unions that utilize float staff, requesting float coverage for Time Off has never been easier. The PTO & Time Off feature integrates seamlessly with the Float / Flex Staff feature to reduce the burden of scheduling managers when trying to fill coverage gaps. StaffPro can automatically assign the float employee best suited to fill the coverage gap and optionally be configured to require approval by a scheduling manager. This eliminates the need for the scheduling manager to constantly coordinate with the float manager when scheduling an employee's time off.

A Perfect View From Any Level

As with many StaffPro features PTO & Time Off can be viewed several different ways such as organizational hierarchy (region, area, branch, etc.), float schedule pool, or a list of all employees. Security controls what levels each user can see. For any selected level, StaffPro displays all approved time off for all employees within the level for the next 12 months. Viewing time off by float schedule pool lets float managers quickly see approved time off for the employees whose schedules they manage.

Schedule Conflict Detection

Coordinating branch schedules and PTO can get complicated, but StaffPro simplifies it. Before approving time off, StaffPro will display a warning if the granted time will overlap already approved time off for the same location. In addition, StaffPro displays a schedule conflict flag to draw attention to every time off block that overlaps with approved time for other employees at the same location. Combined with the hierarchical views of time off, StaffPro makes it easy to see problems before they occur.

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