Process Automation

Streamline Your Operations

StaffPro offers a fully integrated module to identify, automate, schedule, assign, track, store and archive business-critical processes. A consistent user interface simplifies the use of a powerful system that manages tasks between multiple branches and departments, and moves data from, and back into, core and other back office systems.

Spreadsheets are a great tool and are an improvement over paper-based processes. Unfortunately, spreadsheets are designed for an individual or perhaps used within a branch, but are the wrong tool for Enterprise data interchange, management and organization. StaffPro moves process automation up to the Enterprise level in an evolutionary way.

Tasks, Forms, and Data Entry

Schedule, pre-populate, validate, submit, export and archive tasks that exchange data with other systems. StaffPro's extensive validation and processing ensure data quality standards are maintained. PDF documents can optionally be generated from the form data. Interfaces can push submitted information back to external systems such as GL or loans.

End-to-End Management

Forms are organized into folders that can be generated, pre-populated and scheduled out to groups of employees or any authorized employee at a location. In addition, users can activate any form from an on-demand library. Forms can have deadlines which generate escalation emails when missed. A submitted form can kick off a process to send the completed information back to an external system. StaffPro automatically consolidates all data and archives all forms and any PDF documents.

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