Data Interfaces

It's Your Data, Use It

StaffPro is unique in the industry in that not only are unlimited data interfaces supported, they are actually encouraged. Data is the fuel that drives analytics, automation and productivity enhancement. Since these are primary objectives for StaffPro, it does not make sense to starve the product and the users of the very thing that increases its benefit. StaffPro considers this so important that we will build an unlimited number of custom interfaces, for import or export, upon request with a full StaffPro subscription.

Flexibility is Key

All interfaces are treated as custom, though there is a significant library of interfaces that have already been developed and implemented. Our philosophy is to build StaffPro's side of the interface using whatever format, technique or standard that makes the most sense for the data source. Interfaces may include any combination of files, direct database connections, web services, APIs, or other methodologies. Getting data from, or sending it back to, multiple sources adds value to data and is just a normal part of doing business with StaffPro.


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