StaffPro v5.0: Whats New

Jan 31, 2014

StaffPro Branch Resource Management has long been an invaluable software platform for retail banks, credit unions, community banks, and other financial institutions across the country. From powerful business analytics that enable businesses to traverse multiple organizational levels to find insightful and actionable information, to intelligent branch staff scheduling and forecasting capabilities which make complex and time-consuming staff scheduling tasks simple and easy, StaffPro offers financial institutions the features they need to manage branch resources and operations. Learn more about StaffPro.

While continuing to reflect Point Enterprises’ focus on robust, reliable, and intelligent software for financial institutions, version 5.1 of StaffPro Branch Resource Management now incorporates several entirely new features and multiple feature improvements. Many of StaffPro’s new features are geared toward furthering its already powerful automation capabilities.

  • Improved UI: StaffPro has always been an enterprise-grade web application with a focus on getting work done without sacrificing usability or a well-designed user interface. Giving version 5.1 of StaffPro a fresh new look and improved usability, application styles and user interface elements have all been redesigned or updated. StaffPro’s top navigation menu items now have larger click-surfaces, improving ease-of-navigation throughout the application and reducing misplaced clicks. New, higher resolution icons have been added to better indicate their respective target functions, giving users more intuitive visual cues. StaffPro v5.1 integrates all of its new and improved features into a modern redesigned interface, while retaining a simple and familiar application layout. The ability for organizations to maintain platforms with easy-to-use user interfaces reduces the investment in employee training and allows users to become more productive in a shorter amount of time. Ultimately, this saves time and money. StaffPro’s redesigned interface also now offers support for larger screen resolutions and a wider range of browsers, providing more flexibility to access StaffPro from more machines and devices.

  • Robust Forms and Process Automation: One major enhancement in StaffPro v5.1 is the new forms and process automation module. The feature lets you create folders of data-enabled forms and processes. Folders can be scheduled for locations and/or groups of users. Each form can have any number of pages with any number of fields per page. Fill-in PDF documents can optionally be associated with, and populated by, a data form. The system includes process automation and validation at both the form and field level. Multiple instances of a form can be merged into a consolidated PDF document, or barcodes can be generated to facilitate image scanning. StaffPro can interface with multiple data sources, both internal or external, allowing users to utilize the data they need regardless of where it comes from.

    The result is a powerful capability to automate processes and forms throughout the branch network or central departments. All of the data is managed in a highly structured set of tables so it can be easily interfaced with external systems to generate tasks or output results. Generation of PDF forms means that many paper forms and procedures can be replaced by an automated process with electronic forms.

  • Forms and Process Admin Functions: Version 5.1’s forms module includes new dedicated Forms, Processes and Process Schedule administrator functions. These allow administrators to create a library of forms, organize them into folders, create validations and processes at every level, and schedule them for groups of users or locations. There are many field types including text, currency, select lists, images, file upload, etc. Processes are used to validate data, define workflow, and schedule or automate tasks. Clients can define their own custom processes or choose from several standard library processes to aid with commonly used tasks and form validations. StaffPro v5.1 incorporates process scheduling capability, which enables processes to be scheduled on regular daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. Scheduled processes also include several options such as “Lead Days”, “Ticklers”, and “Warning Groups”. These options let a user define various deadlines, notification alerts, and which user groups are notified. These functions bring more options when adding custom business logic to form and folder submissions.

  • PTO Scheduling with Schedule Conflict Detection: When users were surveyed about new features that would benefit them and their organizations, PTO (Personal Time Off) scheduling was a common answer. Many financial institutions are scheduling their employee PTO at a regional or area level. This brings with it several challenges such as more locations and schedule pools to account for and a higher chance of a scheduling conflict. StaffPro v5.1 now offers a page dedicated to giving authorized users tasked with scheduling PTO, an improved capability to get the job done. One feature is Schedule Conflict Detection that makes it simple to request PTO for employees and immediately see if there are any scheduling conflicts at the respective organizational level. Another capability is to request float staff coverage when granting PTO. StaffPro’s float management module finds and schedules the best-fit float staff to cover the outage. This reduces the hassle and overhead involved with manual error prone PTO scheduling.

  • Enhanced Dashboards and New Staffing Analysis Panel: StaffPro v5.1 includes its standard dashboards with an updated look and feel, along with an entirely new “Staff Analysis” dashboard panel. Dashboards now support the ability to export dashboard tables directly to an Excel document. A new “Staff Analysis” panel gives users actionable insight into how actual scheduling models are performing with respect to the projected and recommended scheduling models. Analyzing the spread between actual, projected, and recommended scheduling gives organizations awareness of scheduling anomalies and allows them to adjust scheduling accordingly.

  • Branch Cash Level Management and Optimization: StaffPro’s Cash Management module, responsible for assisting branches in maintaining optimized levels of cash at each branch location, has been further refined to offer even more precise and targeted cash level recommendations. StaffPro v5.1 includes variable, trend-based analysis of historical cash and transaction data to forecast the right amount of cash, in the right distribution of denominations, to give financial institutions a competitive advantage. Version 5.1 also introduces more cash ordering options including the option to define “lead days” on cash ordering to account for any delay in cash delivery. Cash Order management also takes into account both standard and user defined cash order schedule adjustments. The adjustments to the cash order schedule allow banks to easily handle volatility in cash demand for things such as holidays, large sporting or entertainment events, business conferences, and more.

  • Schedule Odd Minutes: When scheduling it is now possible to specify the start time for a Work Type in five miunte increments instead of just the even half hour or hour. Right-clicking a schedule cell includes a new Set Minutes option that displays a dialog to select the minutes.

  • Expanded Scheduling Page Toolbar Options: StaffPro’s scheduling module features several improvements to its toolbar functionality, including an “Undo” button as well as a color-coded work-type selector. The “Undo” button allows users to easily undo schedule changes, reducing the amount of time to correct any unwanted adjustments made to a branch schedule. StaffPro uses both standard and organizationally defined work-types (e.g. teller, platform, floater, manager, etc…) to perform detailed analysis on schedules and transactions. With StaffPro v5.1’s new color-coded work-type selector, users can more easily visually distinguish various options from the drop-down menu when selecting a work-type.

  • Stronger Auditability: Many of the banks, credit unions, community banks, and financial institutions that leverage the powerful features of StaffPro also require the ability to audit application activity. With StaffPro v5.1, auditability has been increased. Organizations now have access to the date and userid for each modification to a branch schedule, as well as when users log on or off the StaffPro web application.

  • Performance Enhancements: StaffPro has always taken performance seriously, with the release of version 5.1 being no exception. StaffPro v5.1 includes numerous performance tweaks and improvements across the entire application resulting in quicker data requests, faster page load times, and an overall better user experience.