Small Enough to Care

Jun 05, 2019

What is good for your customers and members…

The title of this post has been a standard mantra for community banks and credit unions for many years for good reasons. There simply is a different perspective, focus and culture for a community financial institution (FI) with respect to its community, as compared with Wells Fargo or JP Morgan Chase.

That is not to say the large institutions do not have good products and services to offer, because they do. It is not to say that these institutions do not have employees that care about the communities they work in, because they do. It is to say that large institutions cannot have or maintain the same level of involvement and interaction with the community that a community based FI does.

Put another way, since the community itself is the whole game for a community FI, when anything significant happens in the community it is also happening for the FI. That is simply not true for national or regional institutions. Community FIs have the ability, and take pride in, being able to respond to and provide services targeted for their community.

… is good for your institition

The same is true with respect to a community bank or credit union’s technology vendors. It is not that large companies do not provide good products, because many do. There are certainly individual employees at large companies who care about and strive to provide good service for their clients.

What large companies cannot and do not do, is respond quickly to requests and issues. The inertia built into managing a large technology company precludes reacting quickly or providing customization in a timely or cost-effective manner. It is simply not feasible for a large machine to react to what every small cog is doing, thinks or wants.

The last independent

Point Enterprises, founded in 1996, is proud to be the last independent company providing branch forecasting, scheduling and optimization. If you would like to be able to actually talk to your vendor about ideas or needs and have them in a position to actually do something about it, then please keep us in mind. StaffPro® Branch Resource Management was first developed in 1998 and has steadily evolved into a comprehensive solution that goes far beyond forecasting and scheduling, with everything included standard.

We are here for you and, yes, small enough to care.