CUinsight Features Member Services Article Contributed By Point Enterprises, Inc.

Mar 03, 2015

Members are at the very core of Credit Union identity. Banks have customers, Credit Unions have members. It is no surprise that the topic of “member services” is one of the most important discussions at all levels of CU management and staff.

Some common responses to the question, “What makes your member services great?” might be:

  • We have great products.
  • Our staff is enthusiastic and treats members like family.
  • We take care of our members.
  • Our membership is growing.

There is little argument that branches and branch employees are a critical component in the member services experience. Even with the increasing popularity of digital channels, the branch is still where most member relationships start and expand. CUs and their employees generally take pride in the quality of member services that they provide. While perception of member services is important and hopefully accurate, how do you measure it and ensure consistent delivery?

It is not coincidence that successful sales organizations, call centers, trading floors and sports teams are constantly measuring and looking at their performance. Not what happened last year or last quarter, but what is happening now. Human nature is to act on what is…

Member Services: Perception + Reality
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