StaffPro Cash Automation Metrics

Jul 29, 2015

Financial institutions of all types and sizes are under pressure to increase efficiency and lower costs in their branch networks. One growing trend has been to install teller cash automation (TCA) dispensers or recyclers (see Evaluating the Benefits of Teller Cash Automation).

New features have been added to StaffPro to facilitate measuring and evaluating the efficacy of installing teller cash automation. Like all features in StaffPro, TCA metrics are included standard with no additional cost.

  • Interfaces: A new .Net interface program has been developed to handle interfaces with devices that do not output transaction information in a data-oriented format. Support for new devices and formats will be added as required at no additional cost.
  • Transaction Data: StaffPro associates the TCA (teller cash automation) transactions with each cash drawer/teller so that the relative TCA support can be evaluated for each teller. In addition, StaffPro stores TCA totals by drawer/teller for historical purposes.
  • Dashboard Metrics: Standard metrics shown below are provided with the system, but StaffPro's dashboard is fully extensible to add any number of custom metrics.
  • TCA Utilization: Shows how many total transactions and TCA transactions were conducted in the branch.
  • Accuracy by TCA Ratio: An expected benefits of TCA is that tellers supported by TCA devices should balance a higher percentage of the time. StaffPro creates tiers for the percentage of TCA supported transactions, then tracks the out-of-balance ratios.
  • Production by TCA Ratio: TCA vendors assert that transaction throughput is faster with TCAs. That is certainly true for high cash transactions, but what is the overall effect over time. StaffPro creates tiers for the percentage of TCA supported transactions, then tracks the average transactions perhour (TPH) for tellers that fall within each tier.
  • Production Detail by TCA Ratio: Of course it is always useful to see the detail behind a chart, so these are included in the dashboard. StaffPro's dashboard lets you export any table data to Excel.