Scorecarding and Performance Measurement for businesses that want to improve employee performance.

Tiered Performance Measurement (TPM) is a cloud application that makes it easy to bring together data from many sources to create meaningful scorecards. Evaluate employees, track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and improve the performance of your staff and offices.

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It's difficult to improve what you don't measure

Identify High Performers

High performing employees really do perform more work with fewer mistakes and often better customer service. TPM helps identify, motivate and increase the number of high performing employees.

Measure anything, improve everything

Good performance means different things depending on the job, the goals and even the environment. Performance measurement must be able to measure all the KPIs and compare employees fairly and objectively. TPM lets you define any number of scorecards, each with any number of criteria, so you can create fair and comprehensive scorecards.

Increase Productivity and Profitability

Employees are both the core and one of the largest cost items in any branch network. TPM is technology aimed at improving the quality and productivity of employees by measuring, scoring and comparing performance along any number of KPIs.

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